We can transform mindsets at both the individual and systemic level by creating a culture around learning HOW to learn.We use the term Flexible Mindsets to refer to the metacognitive awareness, mindset messages and executive function processes that are necessary for self-directed learning.

When self-directed, learners actively:

  • focus mental energy on their goals
  • apply their learning to new and meaningful contexts, even when challenged
  • are driven by curiosity, a desire to grow and the love of learning!

What happens when we fuse metacognition, I CAN mindset messages and executive function processes? We create an environment and culture where learners are aware of ‘What Works When’, believe that they are capable and actively apply the tools they need to learn HOW to learn.

A Flexible Mindset is a dynamic and ongoing interaction between self-awareness, adaptive strategy use and perseverance that empower learners to evolve and become self-directed.

If we believe in equitable education, we need to equip students with the messages and tools that activate deeper learning, cultivate perseverance and promote adaptive strategy use.

Flexible Mindsets provides the essential tools to be resilient, shift perspectives and be in control of your own learning journey.

Our call is to abandon the painstaking evolution we currently face in education in favour of a bold transformative revolution that reframes the pathway towards resilience and flexibility and disrupts those systems that are inequitable and stifle original ideas.

It is time to be intentional in how we empower learners to: