Psychologist Dr Stephanie Guthman holds a MA in School and Clinical psychology, MA in Educational Psychology, and PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. She has a certification in Parent Infant Mental Health and is a Professionally Certified Trainer for Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Stephanie has worked in school settings and non-profit agencies, providing therapeutic interventions for children and families and administering psycho-educational and systemic assessments. She has delivered technical assistance, trained and worked collaboratively with service organizations and government agencies on initiatives aimed at empowering and creating systemic, community-targeted change.

Approximately 34 million children in the US are impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences, placing them at greater risk of health, behavioral and learning problems. Children living in under-resourced or racially segregated neighborhoods, experiencing food insecurity, witnessing domestic violence, or being subjected to abuse and neglect can experience a toxic stress response and ongoing trauma, especially if they lack a positive buffer such as a nurturing family member or significant caregiver. Stephanie was instrumental in developing and co-led Bermuda’s first island-wide research project on ACEs. She is dedicated to sharing how adversity impacts the lives of individuals and communities and what tools and skills are needed to promote resilience and the healing process in those impacted by ACEs.

Stephanie’s personal and professional exploration of the concept of ACEs has led her to pursue the study of the consequences that trauma has on early development and later life experiences of individuals who are impacted by life’s more adverse experiences. She is passionate about her work and spirituality, and believes in living life with a purpose. Stephanie is committed to the development and application of research and impactful interventions that are focused on making a difference in the lives of children and families and views change as a positive opportunity for growth.