Psychologist and author, Dr Julie Dunstan, believes that the essence of equity lies in equipping all learners with the tools they need to respond adaptively and resiliently to the adversity of today’s complex and ever-changing world. For decades, she has partnered in a wide range of community settings to engage children, families and organisations in self-discovery and finding a pathway towards autonomy. All of her work is grounded in forging trusting relationships that create space for everyone to ask questions, make mistakes and take risks for learning.

Julie holds an MA in early childhood and a PhD in educational psychology. She has conducted policy research on child development, family needs, addictions, literacy amongst inmates, learning differences and general education. Julie has lectured at the undergraduate and graduate levels in psychology, education and organisational development. She has also presented internationally at professional conferences and research-based symposiums and contributed to published resources for educators.

Julie has translated research into practice by driving innovations such as the ICAN Math programme and the I PLAY early childhood pre-reading intervention. In 2015, she also founded the reFLEXions® initiative, a team that builds Flexible Mindsets to reframe teaching as the pathway towards resilience and adaptability. Her purpose is to elevate those around her and propel them to direct their own learning journeys.