Flexible Mindsets and the 3C’s: Growing the Changemakers of Tomorrow (Grade 3 and higher)

Are your students struggling with adversity and uncertainty in today’s ever-changing world?

Today’s children will face unprecedented challenges related to climate change, pandemics, social injustices and more.

They will also meet unprecedented opportunities in fields such as geoengineering, nanotechnology and domains as yet unimagined.

This places incredible pressure on education systems to prepare our young people for their futures.

Are you concerned that the 3R’s are not enough for our children to thrive in the future?

We see the solution in the 3C’s.

Critical Thinking, Complex Problem-Solving and Creativity (the 3C’s) are essential capacities for children to:

  • navigate day-to-day challenges and uncertainties
  • negotiate transitions such as that from elementary to middle school
  • forge ahead into an unknown future

Do you worry that our educational system is failing to bridge the gap?

If you are like us, one of the reasons you chose to work in this field is the potential of education to build these essential capacities for all learners.

We believe in equitable education where everyone has the tools to shift the power of learning from students as passive receptors to doers.

Our Changemakers programme guides you as you teach our extended thematic units with social justice as the common thread. Our most popular themes are:

  • Climate change
  • Geopolitics
  • Community Health

These extended thematic units can be used during the school day or as an after school programme/club. Each unit follows a progression that explores:

  1. Critical Thinking – Does this make sense?
  2. Complex Problem-Solving – What else can we try?
  3. Creativity – What are the possibilities?

Through direct instruction in the 3C’s we reframe teaching as the pathway towards resilience and flexibility. With our resources and training, you can equip students to tackle the most challenging questions of the day.

Let’s be more intentional in how we empower learners to

question + solve + imagine

We hope you connect with our passion for building trusting relationships and strengthening capacities to ask questions, make mistakes and take risks for learning.

Take the next step in propelling your students along the journey of self-directed learning.