Rethink what’s possible for you and your students by building a Flexible Mindset.
Imagine having time and energy to:
  • co-create relevant and meaningful learning experiences
  • connect with students and discover together what matters most to us
  • focus on student engagement so students can learn independently and more deeply
  • inspire students to investigate, innovate and imagine so they are equipped to be active citizens who are making the world a better place
How? The simple solution is to promote Flexible Mindsets in your classroom.

self-awareness + executive function strategies + perseverance = self-directed learning
Join us for 8 steps to building flexible mindsets an 8-week online course and group experience where you’ll develop a flexible mindset and learn how to inspire your students to want one too.
Here’s what we’ll cover:
1. Cultivate a Flexible Mindset

Learn what it means to have a Flexible Mindset and how teachers and students together can utilize self-awareness, executive function strategies and perseverance to become self-directed learners. 

2. Create a welcoming and affirming classroom culture where everyone feels valued, accepted and like they belong.

Make space for teachers and students to feel seen and heard and build trust so everyone feels comfortable to ask questions, make mistakes and take risks for learning

3. Engage in Productive Puzzling.

Rethink how we learn and use questions, curiosity and provocations to deepen student engagement.

4. Weave independent/active learning strategies into your instruction.

Build a toolbox of strategies to support students to learn on their own and become increasingly self-directed. 

5. Teach students how to think rather than what to think so they become independent thinkers.

Guide students to use a specific set of questions to think critically when they encounter an issue, new idea or situation so they are prepared to navigate the opportunities and challenges of the future.

6.  Transfer academic learning to meaningful real-world problems.

Utilize a trial and error approach that emphasizes learning from mistakes to give students a direct experience with finding constructive and innovative solutions to relevant and complex problems.

7. Unlock creativity by infusing imagination, innovation and inventiveness into lessons.

Open up a prescriptive curriculum by exploring the possibilities for delivering content in a way that inspires and empowers both teachers and learners to dream and create solutions for a better world.

8. Be a Changemaker.

Take steps to create classrooms where every learner thrives and challenges social injustices with resilience and adaptability.

Join us and you’ll get a flexible mindset through:


This course includes 8 self-paced modules (1 released each week)

Each module highlights one step on the path to building a Flexible Mindset and includes:

  • a short video presentation highlighting only the key information you need to take action (15-20 mins.)
  • a selection of pages from the book to read (15 mins. max)
  • workbook questions & activities & to deepen your learning and facilitate reflection (15-20 mins.)


There will be 4 live virtual group workshops (60-90 mins.). Every 2 weeks (4 calls in 8 weeks), there will be a group workshop for all the teachers in the cohort so we can take what we are learning and identify practical steps to start implementing Flexible Mindsets in our classrooms right away.

These group calls will also give you an extra layer of accountability to maximize your chances of successfully completing the course and seeing results.


Access to an online learning community where you can participate in an interactive, communal learning experience that offers connection, collaboration and support to ask questions, problem-solve, reflect and celebrate together.

join and you’ll also receive these exclusive bonuses:

Susannah is the co-author of the book Flexible Mindsets in Schools and she is a coach who works with students to explore systems, habits and mindsets that help them to learn HOW to learn. She has worked in the field of education for the past 25 years as a classroom teacher, learning specialist and educational consultant. Currently, she is combining her two passions: education and coaching –  working with schools and teachers worldwide to build coaching cultures that promote Flexible Mindsets.

We don’t have to wait for the system to change… let’s get reenergized today and create the engaged, meaningful learning environment we’ve always wanted.

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