What is a Flexible Mindset

Educational systems have not kept pace with the changing needs of children in our complex and
ever-shifting world.

Our story starts with today’s children who will face complex & unprecedented challenges related to climate change, pandemics, social justice and rapidly increasing economic gaps and more…

They will also have opportunities to shape the world in ways we cannot imagine in fields such as nanotechnology, geoengineering and careers as yet unknown…

What we don’t know is the specific skills needed for them to survive and thrive individually & collectively.

What we do know is that Flexible Mindsets give learners the essential tools to become resilient, shift perspectives and direct their own learning journey.

Somersfield Academy Host Susannah Cole

Somersfield Academy is engaging in a week of teacher-focused professional development with renowned author and educator Susannah Cole.

A spokesperson said, “The groundbreaking book Flexible Mindsets in Schools: Channelling Brain Power for Critical Thinking, Complex Problem-Solving and Creativity embodies Somersfield’s ongoing dedication to nurturing socially conscious, independent thinkers.


The foundation of Flexible Mindsets rests on Metacognition: the awareness of one’s own learning and thinking. We use it when we notice what isn’t working and try something different.


Flexible Mindsets help us to change our thoughts into “I CAN” Messages that tell us that our brains can always grow and that we are capable of getting smarter. 


In the Flexible Mindsets model, executive function processes are what we use when we identify a goal, use what we know to figure out what to do and make it happen. 


A Flexible Mindset is the dynamic interaction between self-awareness, adaptive strategy use and perseverance that empower learners to evolve and become self-directed.

The Book

Julie & Susannah wrote this book because they truly believe that ALL students are capable of being innovators that can solve the world’s problems AND that teachers are the ideal partners in making that possible. 

If you are searching for ways to make education more equitable, this book is a roadmap to equip educators and students with the messages and tools that activate deeper learning, cultivate perseverance and promote adaptive strategy use. With these tools in hand, they will be prepared to face the obstacles and opportunities that arise through uncertainty.

Flexible Mindsets in Schools

If you’re ready to upgrade your teaching, Flexible Mindsets in Schools is more than just another book or workshop. You can transform your own mindset alongside your students’ by engaging in a holistic and intentional process that leads to becoming a Flexible Mindset educator. Using our book, courses, resources and coaching, you can create a climate where everyone can bring all themselves to learning. This is the pathway to agency and adaptability in the face of uncertainty.

Flexible Mindsets & Resilience

Today’s children are experiencing more stress and trauma than their counterparts 25 years ago. Toxic stress is shutting down the pathways for learning for too many children. Today’s teachers end up with the responsibility for building social and emotional competencies. The good news is that Flexible Mindsets can build resilience and better prepare our young people for coping with adversity.

Flexible Mindsets & The 3 C’s

Change is the only thing we know for certain and the world needs changemakers to act now. Changemakers aren’t born, they are made. If you don’t want to wait on the world to change, the solution lies in building the capacities of Critical Thinking, Complex Problem-Solving and Creativity.

Flexible Mindsets in Early Childhood

The best way to build Flexible Mindsets is to start young. Preschoolers can develop metacognitive knowledge about the brain and executive function processes. They can also learn to value mistakes, persevere in the face of challenges and try something new. The Pirates of Pondering resources provide everything early childhood educators or parents need to build Flexible Mindsets.


Learn side-by-side with us to use Flexible Mindsets & the 3C’s to make the world a better place!

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Change is inevitable, but transformation is

by conscious choice.

Heather Ash Amara